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Flintknapping traditions

Premium Deer Leather, Soft Tan

Premium Deer Leather, Soft Tan

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Deer leather tanned right here in the United States. The animals used for this line of leather are typically wild game, so it’s not uncommon that even the best pieces will usually have holes, marks or some other imperfections. Despite this, we provide excellent-quality deer leather and more compared to the rest of the market, so please feel confident in your purchase when you buy from Flintknapping traditions.

Deerskin leather in a rich, Saddle, Smoke or gold color. Excellent for making moccasins, clothing, traditional Native American items and more. Tanned right here in the US. It is possible for some pieces to have marks or holes, but will largely be very clean.

Saddle Deerskin Qualities
  • 3.5-4 ounces
  • Beautiful grain texture
  • Average size of 10 square feet
  • Very supple and soft
  • Minimal imperfections

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