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Flintknapping traditions

Flintknapping Hand Pad Built to Last.

Flintknapping Hand Pad Built to Last.

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This hand pad was designed with two things in mind, function and durability and I think we accomplished both.

The foundation of this pad is the high density poly base that's designed to hold up against wear through. This poly base also eliminates flex in the pad and greatly reduces to chances of snapping the work piece.The top side is covered with a thick domed lether pad. I use this area of the pad for final edge finishing and occasionall notching.

The under side is slotted rubber. Other pads come with a pre cut flake channel that is simply to shallow for proper flake release. Ours is designed with a deep channel that allows flakes to remove freely with no interference from the pad.

One side of the ruber is cut in a V shape to allow for the flake to initiate and clear clean. This also allows the flaker to follow through without making contact with the rubber.

The opposite side is narrow and I like using this area when notching. The narrower opening reduces the odds of snapping the point during the notching process.

These pads are Built To Last!


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