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Flintknapping traditions

Flintknapping Sarter kit. Free shipping !!

Flintknapping Sarter kit. Free shipping !!

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This is what is included.

Two hollow copper boppers with an extra cap for each.

Leather hand pad for pressure flaking and notching

Leather leg pad, this is a relatively thin leg pad in comparison to the thick bison pads I sell but is still thick enough to provide protection from sharp flakes. I would recommend placing a towel under the pad for extra cushion if needed.

A fixed position pressure and notching tool with a copper nail on one end and a welding rod notcher on the other.

15+ pounds of mixed martial flakes and small spalls.

This instructional video shows how I biface these flakes and spalls. Please consider hitting the like and subscribe button. It really helps the channel and you'll be notified when I release new videos.

I'll be making a video showing using one of these flakes and the tools included in the beginner box to make a finished point.

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